MRS-7014B Trigger Start Gas Welding Torch Head

My torch won’t light how do I get it to work
Make sure the torch is screwed on tight, the knob for the gas is all the way open, and you push the ignition button all the way in.
By Christopher Richardson on October 19, 2019
Click the button. Mine starts right up.
By IronHorsePilot on October 19, 2019
Is trigger for igniter only or does it also control gas flow?
Only for ignition the blue knobs is for gas flow
By Amazon Customer on October 24, 2022
It does have a gas flow nob
By peter maloney on October 23, 2022
Not sure. The unit I received worked once when I received it. When I took it out to use the second time it would not work. Changed propane tank and still would not work. Too late to return. Wrote a review encouraging potential purchasers to buy another unit as this one was a cheaply made product.
By Lou on October 23, 2022
Is it safe to use this torch 6 to 8 feet away from my water heater and my furnace. They both tun on natural gas.... Im going to be melting silver?
If you have good ventilation you should be fine. Good luck
By Amazon Customer on March 26, 2022
Does this come shipped full with the gas, or do you need to have it filled
Yes, it comes full.
By Troy T. on September 4, 2020
it is full. i don't think these cylinders can be refilled.
By Amazon Customer on September 4, 2020
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