HB-875B Handy Cyclone Propane Torch Head

How do you turn off the flame on this torch? Does the ignition button control the flow- or do you have to use the dial to turn off the flame?
Hi, Dear Customer, the ignition botton send spark to ignite the flame, the gas valve control the flow. You need to turn on the gas valve before push button ignition, and to turn off gas valve to extinguish the flame. Thanks.
By BLUEFIRE on November 27, 2019
That is the problem with this torch. Every time you want to use or lite you must turn gas on than when don turn gas off. A much better torch is the Bernzomatic TS8000 couple more dollars but well worth it.
By MEB on November 9, 2019
The flow knob controls flow...... igniter Button sends spark to ignite gas .
By William F. on October 28, 2019
Is the body of the torch plastic or aluminum?
The threaded part that screws onto the fuel bottle is steel. The rest of the internals such as the gas valve are brass, and the silver nozzle is stainless steel. The blue section is a high temp Bakelite material which barely begins to melt when touched with a soldering iron @ 280'c. The valve body hardly gets warm after 10 minutes of full blast. 
By Andrew LB on February 20, 2022
The blue part of the torch is neither aluminum or plastic. It is a bake-lite material. It will neither burn or melt without extreme heat. It is a great torch and I would recommend it.
By Phillip J. on February 15, 2020
This is a complete kit?
No, just the top.......it works unreal. Solder joints in poof.
By Thomas Van Hoesen on February 9, 2020
The nozzle/piezo-ignition system is what you are purchasing. The propane tank is sold separately.
By Sven on February 9, 2020
Will this only work if held in upright position? My last cheapo Bernzomatic Igniter would go out if i tipped the propane sideways.
It absolutely does NOT work in any position. I purchased based on the two provided answers that it works in any position. I am using it upside down for epoxy boards and the flame extinguishes as soon as you turn it beyond horizontal.
By vawoodworker on June 16, 2022
it works in any posion
it works in any position. I like it, use it all day

By Nickolas on October 20, 2020
Is this good for silversmithing?
I use it for silversmithing and I love it. Use it on my map gas and I have gotten way less fire scale. The flame is still rather large but adjusting the gas allows for control of the flame a bit more than others.
By faith martin on February 12, 2020
Yes it can be used for that.
By F2Stay on February 13, 2020
How perform for sweating copper pipe?
It worked well. Works best with NAP gas,gets hotter faster on copper pipe. I did a water supply line with shut off valves and filter system for two park model homes.
By Larry D. on October 29, 2020
the torch should perform fine once you get it lit. since the Piezo ignition may not work, you may have to use a lighter.
By alan on October 29, 2020
I have had bad luck with pizeo ignitiers. Would love one that stays working but can I ignite with a sparker if the pizeo fails?
Yes you can but be careful not to open the gas valve to much when lightning. This torch head flows a large amount of gas. With a little practice you’ll get a perfect flame.
By Larry D. on March 4, 2020
What is the diameter of the torch head (where the flame come out)?
11/16” inside diameter.
By Robert Ledford on December 28, 2020
It’s 3/4”.. Works well. I use it to get my pellet stove going.

By billgrif on December 30, 2020
OD 20mm - ID 18mm
By anon on December 28, 2020
Does it say Mr Torch on it anywhere, cause thatd be sick?
Mine does not have Mr Torch on it but it is a fine tool. Works great!
By Kevin Callender on January 9, 2020
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