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MRS-7014B Trigger Start Gas Welding Torch Head for Propane & MAP PRO Fuel

MRS-7014B Trigger Start Gas Welding Torch Head for Propane & MAP PRO Fuel

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The MRS-7014B trigger start torch head is one of the most popular and versatile product in the portable gas industry, our unique product stands out from all others by its 1.5 inch extended burner tube and reliable performances on Standard Propane and MAP-PRO gas.


    • Optimized for standard propane and MAP-PRO (Propylene)
    • 1.5" extended burner tube
    • Triple-point Flame, perfect combination of precision and power!
    • Smart sized, Easy to be used in any spaces
    • Full brass constructed fitting assuring reliability and durability
    • Trigger start self Ignition, adjustable flame control.
    • Torch compatible with MAP-pro (Propylene) and Propane, fits 1"-20 UNEF US Standard Cylinders, CGA 600 fitting

    Important Instruction:

    DANGEROUS: DO NOT Use Small Flame !

    Warning: Small flames are prohibited!

    DO NOT turn the gas flow too small, keep working under small flame will cause the fire burning inside the combustion tube, which will heat the tube into red and damage the ignition and other parts inside the propane torch.

    This is the most frequent user claim, which is resulted from wrong operation.

    Medium Flame is OK

    Medium flame is OK operation.

    As long as the flame color is pure blue, the operation is safe.

    Propane torch head is recommended to start under the medium gas flow, too strong gas flow will extinguish the spark when igniting. User can turn to the full gas flow after successful ignition.

    Large Flame is Recommended

    Large flame is recommended!

    The propane torch design is optimized to use large flame, which reach the balance between output and safety, user can keep working under large flame and never worry about over-heating. The gas knob main track is set to fix on the large flame mode, to assure our users' maximum safety.

    Ideal For:

    • Soft Soldering
    • Brazing small to medium copper pipes
    • Searing and Cooking
    • Loosening rusty nuts/bolts
    • Thawing Frozen metal pipes
    • Removing paint or putty
    • Wood working
    • Lighting charcoal
    • Working on crafts and hobbies, Jewelry and beads making


    • Torch Size: 8.3 x 3.2 x 1.6 inches
    • Torch weight: 5.3 oz
    • Heat temp.: Max 1130℃
    • Consumption Rate: 52 g/hr (0.73 KW)
    • BTU: 2505.26 BTU/hr
    • Threading: CGA600 fitting, fits US standard gas cylinders