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MRS-9001 Pearl Metal Handle Turbo Torch Head, Multi-Purpose Auto Blowtorch

MRS-9001 Pearl Metal Handle Turbo Torch Head, Multi-Purpose Auto Blowtorch

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MRS-9001 Metal Body Pearl Torch is a highend benchmark in the portable gas torch industry. It is perfectly designed to be an All-Purpose tool to meet customers needs from professional grade cooking to the technical repairing and home improvement jobs such as welding and brazing. A perfect balance of strong heat output and fuel efficiency. Flexible with fuel types, compatible with Propane, MAPP, MAP/PRO. Ergonomically designed metal handle assures convenient handhold and with the most elegant apprearance. Equipped with trigger start auto Piezo ignition and adjustable flame control, anti-flare features. Super strong swirl flame amek your jobs done quickly. Made in Taiwan with highest quality standards, It is one of the hottest sale models in Japan for years.

  • Ergonomic metal handle, convenient grib and with elegant apprearance; Fully auto Trigger start Piezo self-ignition, start fire with just 1-click, anti-flare design, adjustable flame control allow you to size the flame to perfectly match your needs;
  • Super Strong Swirl Flame, patented combustion system design make sure the perfect balance between heat output and fuel efficiency;
  • Multi-purpose tool with universal design, meet all your needs from professional grade cooking to repairing and improvement works such as welding and brazing


  • Ergonomic handle made by Cast Aluminum
  • Trigger Start ignition
  • Anti-flare
  • Adjustable flame control
  • Powerful Swirl flame
  • Stainless burning tube

Ideal for:

  • Cooking and grilling
  • Heat treating
  • Braze Copper Pipes
  • Harden Steel
  • Melting Gold, Silver, Copper and etc.
  • Thawing Pipes
  • Loosen rusty bolts
  • DIY tasks, Crafts and Hobbies, Jewelry and Beads making


  • Torch Size: 252 x 70 x 30 mm
  • Torch weight: 392 g
  • Heat temp.: Max 1300℃/2548°F
  • Consumption Rate: 144 g/hr
  • BTU: 6842 BTU/hr
  • Power: 2005 W
  • Threading: fits CGA 600 US standard cylinder