BTM-7010 Solid Brass Jumbo Pencil Flame Gas Welding Torch

Would this be sufficient for a small project for shou sugi ban (japanese art of charring to preserve wood)? a mantle i am building
I do believe it would work for you. Even at a low setting it puts out a nice flame. I used it attached to a small camp stove sized propane tank just to warm hotmelt glue for making arrows.
By Karen S. on November 17, 2019
Probably, but try it on a test piece to be sure. This torch will be plenty hot to scorch the wood, but it’s flame is narrow, so getting the wood charred evenly could be a challenge.
By Don W. Sorensen on November 16, 2019
Does it fit a Coleman 16 oz camping gas bottle?
fits all of your standard propane bottles for camping. The torch itself works very well.
By Chris Cunningham on February 7, 2021
It does fit, but with mine there is little to no flame control. It’s basically off or all the way on, not much in between. It fitted my needs at the time but I wish I would have purchased a different product.
By Daniel on February 6, 2021
By Mark wayne on February 12, 2021
Yes it does
By Augie on February 6, 2021
can this cut threw 1/4 in steel , excuse my lack of knowledge
By Amazon Customer on February 10, 2020
Is the tip removable? If so, what’s the thread pattern? Thanks
Stuck with only one tip is a deal breaker.
By Robert Kotula on January 5, 2022
Is this outfit good enough for basic copper pipe soldering jobs around the house?
The metal knob to adjust the flame is supposed to be an "upgrade" from a plastic knob that always broke. Had the new one for a week and the metal knob spun on the shaft it was pressed on to and fell off. Threw it in the trash. Bought one of them expensive push button igniter heads and havent looked back. It solders great and is better built for adjustable flame for small solder to heavyvduty.
By Scott McDearmon on March 20, 2021
Yes, probably. Mine is still operating well but it is not the best quality. Pretty much just ok not for big jobs or pro quality.
By Rusty Shackelford on March 20, 2021
Got the job done for me.
By Daniel on March 21, 2021
Braising meat ?
High temp for torch use not cooking ,burn meat , not for cooking
By Larry Gaines on September 17, 2021
Good Item! Work well
By Juliette S Soto on September 17, 2021
I guess you could. But you might taste the fuel.
By Kenneth A Riel on September 17, 2021
I don't see why not, if you use a food safe fuel.
By Hugh on September 17, 2021
Can the green camping propane canisters screw onto this torch, or is an adapter needed?
you can screw this directly to the green canister
By Cyril on February 27, 2020
Yes the small green propane tanks fit directly onto it.
By Mark wayne on February 28, 2020
This nozzle will fit on any hand held propane canister, they all have the same standard thread size.
By Squidsct54 on February 27, 2020
Yes they do work on this torch.
By George J. on February 28, 2020
Is it recommended for cooking? (ie. flame searing and caramerizing)
No. It for welding and soldering.
By steve b. on February 28, 2021
Will this nozzle work upside down or does the canister have to be upright?
The flame will extinguish when the nozzle tipped down. No pressure regulator.
By Alric808 on October 13, 2020
I wont buy another one. The valve broke inside, only used it twice.
By Scott McDearmon on October 13, 2020
Why does this torch come in at 2,354 degrees fahrenheit when most mapp torches produce around 3,700 degrees fahrenheit?
My torch is butane not map gas
By JOHN on January 16, 2022
What is the diameter of the tip?
Hi,Dear Customer, The diameter of the torch tip is 16mm, which is 0.63 inch. Thanks for asking.
By BLUEFIRE on September 4, 2019
Doesn't matter. It's junk, hard to light and wil not stay lit with propane unless absolutely upright and not moved. Spend a little more for quality. Wish i would have listened to other reviews
By Amazon Customer on August 25, 2019
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