MAPP/Propane Gas Brazing & Welding

Power Source
Welding Tool
Welding Electrode Or Rod:Bronze, Silver, Aluminum
Welding Theory:
Just like Oxy-Fuel welding & cutting, only MAPP gas or Propane is used instead of Acetylene since the flame temperature created by MAPP is enough in HVAC welding works.
Theoretical Flame Temp:
MAPP = 2,020 °C in air
MAPP = 2,925 °C in Oxygen
Propane = 1,980 °C in air
Propane = 2,253 °C in Oxygen
Workpiece Melting Point:
Copper = 1,085 °C ; Brass = 925°C
Silver = 962 °C
Aluminum = 660 °C
Cons & Pros:
*1LB cylinder can be portable.
*Can do all Oxy-Fuel welding jobs with better temp. and lower cost.