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HT-5015 Mini Burner

HT-5015 Mini Burner

BLUEFIRE HT-5015PA-39 is a portable butane refillable burner stove, suit both indoor and outdoor uses, portable size with heavy duty design, the ceramic torch head provides windproof and consistent flame heat up to 2192 F. Each tank of refilled Butane gas lasts up to 60 minutes. Equipped with 1-click Piezo ignition and adjust flame controller. Versatile for all-purpose applications.

One-Click Piezo Ignition;
Simply Refill with Butane lighter gas;
Safety Adjustable Flame Controller;
5 seconds Quick Refill;
Heavy-duty base, Easy to Carry;
Flame burns steadily up to 1 hour;
Maximum temperature reaches up to 2192°F or 1200°C

Ideal for:
Espresso Making
Tabletop Siphons Coffee
Tea Pot
Chafing Dishes
Soup Tureens
Cooking and Warming

Torch Size: 149 x 89 x 86 mm
Torch weight: 286 g
Recommended Fuel Gas: Butane
Max Burning Time per Tank: 60 min
Heat temp.: Max 1200℃/2192°F
Consumption Rate: 29 g/hr

20 units per case;
26.5 LBS per case;
Case size: 21x12x11 inches

stand rack assembly instruction

HT-5015PA-39 user guide

Usage Scenarios and Colours:

HT-5015P Mini Burner
HT-5015P Mini Burner
HT-5015P Mini Burner
HT-5015P Mini Burner
HT-5015P Mini Burner
HT-5015P Mini Burner