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The BTS-8071 Trigger Start Handy Torch is a lightweight and multi-purpose torch meets the highest quality standards in the portable gas torch industry. Professionally designed for easy-carry and safe-to-use in all circumstances, no matter big or small jobs.

Triple point flame
Trigger Start Self-lighting
Stainless steel burner tube
Adjustable flame control
Ergonomic comfort handle
Torch compatible with Propane Only
CSA (US) Certification

Ideal for:
Soft Soldering
Melting Gold, Silver, Copper and etc.
Thawing Pipes
Removing Paint & Tile
DIY works, Crafts and Hobbies, Soft Soldering

Torch Size: 258 x 100 x 40 mm
Torch weight: 176 g
Heat temp.: Max 1300℃
Consumption Rate: 114 g/hr
BTU: 5290 BTU/hr
Power: 2000 W
Threading: fits CGA 600 US standard cylinder

6 units per inner box;
4 units per case;

Usage Scenarios and Local details: