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Mapp Gas

Mapp Gas

AGC patented MAPP substitute formula With Propylene, Propane and Dimethyl Ether mixtures.
Exclusive 16.1 oz fuel per bottle, 14% more bonus fuel than other fuel gas products on the market.
More concentrated flame: primary flame heat output BTU is 30% higher than Propylene, 124% higher than Propane.
Combustion intensity is 91% higher than standard propane.
Ideal for professional or heavy welding/brazing as well as metal cutting.

Flame Temperature(In Oxygen)-°F556053905360511051505090
Flame Temperature(In Air)-°F469037503730360035803550
Primary Flame Heat Value(Ch)-BTU/cu.ft.50757143825531511
Total Heat Value(Ch)-BTU/cu.ft.147024602400249833741061
Combustion Intensity In Air(Total Heat)-BTU/ft^2 sec705581107939424641141299
Mapp Gas

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